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Amici dei Musei Siciliani, Visit sicily and the western Sicily branch of Wonderful Italy (Info Point Micro², via Torremuzza 15) present


showcasing the finest studios in Palermo

From contemporary Palermitan artist Loredana Grasso, and guide extraordinaire, Maria Luisa Montaperto, comes an unparalleled and unprecedented cultural tour that takes you directly to the most intimate spaces of contemporary art: artist’s studios. Places that say more about the thinking process and methods of artists working in a Sicilian context than any other.

The OPEN STUDIO TOUR will be a unique occasion to cross the threshold and access spaces that are usually out of bounds to the public; true hotbeds of creativity.

The tour will be enriched by the presence of a guide, who will encourage discussion between the artists and their visitors. Visitors will thereby have the opportunity to really engage and interact with the most interesting Sicilian creative goings-on, exploring both the poetry and technical aspects of the creation of works of art up close and personal.

Many of the artists involved are well-known beyond Sicily: Giuseppe Adamo, Riccardo Brugnone, Gianluca Concialdi, Daniela Nancy Granata, Loredana Grasso, Luca Mannino, Rori Palazzo, Igor Scalisi Palminteri, Linda Randazzo, Francesco Tagliavia and Sergio Zavattieri.

The need to make artist’s studios open and interactive places is a reaction to the lack of visibility and inaccessibility that has become part of their very definition, especially in recent years.

The aim of this project is to make them accessible again and to remind people that there is no place more profound or true for understanding the thought-process and investigation of an artist – which often ends up condensed into small spaces within art galleries – than their houses and studios; the silent and fluctuating spaces in which their ideas take shape and their work comes to life.

By working with both up-and-coming and well-established Sicilian artists, recognised for their talent, consistency and dedication, the OPEN STUDIO TOUR hopes to kick-start a new form of engagement with and comparison of artistic practices, raising the profile of all that goes into their work and encouraging more collaboration and a new economy.” Loredana Grasso explains.

The artist’s studio is a fruitful place, full of charm and buzzing with energy and life. Intimate by its very nature, it is also a perfect place for exchange and social interaction. The choice of objects, even the arrangement of their equipment, tell us the story of the exploration and the passion of the people who live and work there, between paint tins, work surfaces and finished works of art put aside and displayed selfishly for their own enjoyment.

Being able to access these small creative factories enables us to better understand the value of works of art, bringing us closer to some of the stylistic steps and choices made by the artist. Organising a tour within these spaces means not just giving better visibility to those working in the Sicilian context, but more importantly will connect their work with the audience for whom it has ultimately been created.

The tour, which will be for between two and ten people, will visit three to four studios. It is possible to personalize the visit adding or removing certain stops. The itinerary can vary according to the artists selected and their availability.


Amici dei Musei Siciliani, Visitsicily and the western Sicily branch of Wonderful Italy, Info Point Micro² Palermo

Project Coordinator: Loredana Grasso

Curated by: Loredana Grasso, Maria Luisa Montaperto

Press Officer: Cinzia Di Marco


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